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Page last updated on 04-Sep-2011


By Anna Tame

The word ‘ Holistic’ and the term ‘ Mind, Body, Spirit’ seem to pop up everywhere today and as I was contemplating what to write in this Introductory Article I wondered how many people actually knew what was meant by these words.

So using today’s technology I put the question to ‘Google’ and as always found there was a varied response and different definitions some which were apparently controversial. So with this in mind I decided to write from my own experience of the subject matter and one definition which suited this was that a ‘Holistic approach treats the body and mind as tightly interconnected systems with each affecting the other’. Simply put in my words if there is something wrong in one area it can affect the whole. My own experience has found this to be true and for example by changing to eating a healthier diet my mind has become much calmer. I have other examples but will save these for a later date.

I have lived in Spain for 4 years now and have been lucky enough to pursue my passion for things connected with Holistics and Mind, Body, Spirit. Sometimes I wonder whether I had been asleep for most of my life as I have learnt so much in the last few years which has brought me to a much greater understanding of myself and today I can honestly say I feel much more alive yet have a feeling of inner calm that I had never known before. I am also able to deal with life – which has a habit of not always going the way we would like – in a much more balanced way so that my health and happiness are not affected by it.

The object of future articles will be to give bite size pieces of information together with the benefits regarding healthy nutrition, exercise, holistic therapies, crystal healing, meditation etc. I also really want to convey to people that there are things we can do ourselves to help promote a feeling of well being which in turn reduces stress which in this day and age can be a major factor for illness.  

I realise for most that this is a different approach to the traditional and I know there will be the sceptics among you that will say “what a load of rubbish” and that is ok. However my experience has been “don’t knock it until you try it”.

Next time I will cover the benefits of Healthy Eating and the use of everyday Herbs and Spices.     

If anybody has any questions from the articles or would like to find out more I can be found at The Holistic Centre at CAT Services “Feel Good Friday” every Friday from 11-00 until 2-00. Everyone welcome even if you just want a cup of tea and a chat. If you are not local why not email me at


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